No ones ‘Okay’ anymore: How the Wor(l)d abbreviated

Being a person who loves to text all day and it has only been some time since I noticed a revolutionary change in the communication world. Nobody is saying ‘okay’ anymore. It is with an awe that I could realise this mysterious fact. Keeping out the formal, official emails, the word okay, which could morally summarise most of the human emotions is on a verge of extinction. To make things more clear I had to delve more into the case (mostly browsing on the internet and asking people around).

A new competitor – k

This small, sad-looking letter which is pronounced very similar to the word okay is the new internet sensation, which of course you would know because you are using the internet like everyone to read this. This letter has become the single most favourite letter to everyone using text messages in the recent period.

Anyone who has touched the internet for a single moment would completely understand the significance of ‘k’; it makes texting easier, better, faster.

For those who are unaware,

  • okay: Agreeing to something or someone. Mainly used for a standardised, formal and comprehensive message, which of course was the father of other abbreviations.
  • ok: The most widely used abbreviation of okay, which could be used in all kinds of situations, official or unofficial. Ok is love, caring, thought-provoking, nice and lastly, thankful.
  • k: It is the newer form (In a biased state, I find the letter very rude and do no respect to the recipient, let’s keep it to ourselves). It is easy to type, takes a very shorter time than the former. Lacks empathy!

It made communication better,but made people care-less.

How it changed

As technology grew and communication became faster, the wave of impatience has taken over the people. A slight buffering in videos, slow internet connections or even not able to type a whole word has turned out to be a very suffocating experience.

There were times when sending a handwritten letter took three days to reach the recipient and it took another three days to get a response. From there looking forward to where we are now. The lack of time to complete a single word is very questionable.

Of course, people can use abbreviations and short forms to communicate. But to make things specific, why don’t use the longer one.

He: do not worry, I am here for you. Call me if there is something and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Me: k

(No, I don’t need your help and stop bothering me.)

The ‘k’ sums up everything. But the other guy may not be getting the same idea. He may positively be caring for me, while I don’t even bother about him.

The same applies to longer messages. When someone sends me a long message of two or three paragraphs and I give him back a simple ‘k’. Sounds all right for me but the person on the other side of the channel is a human being too, it may not be all right for him.

Most people use it just to keep up with the trend and the rest use it knowing its true nature.

It is not that ‘k’ is rude or should not be used. It is some times very useful, when you don’t want someone to keep bothering you or when you are on a very busy schedule but have to reply to the message.

‘k’ is not a villain. But it is rather an anti-hero, who would like to play as per the circumstances propose.

Is this the end

From all my searching I got to the end that okay didn’t disappear it just turned itself into a better version in order to keep up with the competition of the global communication.

Just like everything finds it’s way out, okay found out it’s way. When time comes and circumstances compel may be ‘k’ will also change itself to an easier version to provide a better and smoother life service.

Everything has to undergo changes, as long as it helps humanity and brings happiness, it must have to.

His last note

He dropped his pen and looked around.

The room was empty as it always had been. He smiled to himself and rubbed his wrinkled chin. His eyes swelled up but no time to rub them off.

The sun had set and the wind had died. The room was empty as it always had been.

Only note he left on the lonely table read:

I was here.

This is why we live, right?

Just because we are tall

Does not mean everyone else is a dwarf.

Just because we are rich

Does not mean everyone else is poor.

Just because we have power

Does not mean everyone else is a slave.

So cherish the time you have in this world, those who have, help who doesn’t have.

To help others is why we all exist.

Keep on smiling and don’t let your money or power take away others happiness ☺️.

Have a great day.

The first anniversary of blogging life

Thank you, whoever is reading this, you are awesome and the best person ever.

I still can’t believe I am writing this post. Not this early. It has been a year since I have started this blog.

I remember the day I decided to start a blog. Actually, it was a December evening. Nobody asked me to start a blog or anything like that. I used to write stories before that but kept to myself. That’s when I thought of starting something where I could post my creation and it took some courage for me start it because my overthinking kept me from doing anything good.

Would my stories be good? Whether someone would read it? What if nobody does it? So many questions. But anyway I started it and posted a story right away. For god’s grace you people viewed the post and I got so many reviews from my friends and that was all I needed to complete a year in blogging.

And I could proudly say that day December 2nd 2018 was the last day I left overthinking stop me from doing something. You want to do something you do it right away. No waiting for the right moment.

This moment is the right and only one you will get.

From there it has been a great journey. Talking, discussing with people I have never met, who are real good at what they do. Reading others views on the world.

Thanks to everyone of my viewers for being there. Keep on doing the good work friends. I will continue to blog till last of my days.

I still can’t stop thanking you guys.

You people are awesome.

The little secret to happiness

Is there something like that? Surely getting what you want and being with people you like may be happiness and is happiness. But is happiness a destination or a journey? I don’t know. For me doing what I like and spending time with my friends and my family is happiness. I don’t think making money or spending them are happiness, they may bring short term happiness. I can’t stare at my new iphone and be happy all the time because I own the latest iPhone. Material things are short term happiness. You are happy when you get it but what next? However, there must be sadness too, if there’s no sadness what value does happiness make.

If only happiness was the default state of human beings, how the world would have been yesterday, today and tomorrow. I wouldn’t even had to write a post titled “little secret to happiness”, would I? Well there are no specific secret to happiness. I could tell you thousand things that could bring happiness to me, but you are different and you are unique. Your happiness is your own. Try to enjoy it and share it with others.

What are the things that make you happy?