Endless Stories – Chapter 1


“Is this an interrogation?
“Is it?
“Well, seated in the middle of an isolated room with a table in front and a light bulb hanging over my head and you watching through the double-sided mirror straight to my face. I see it is an interrogation. Very well. Now that I am here you can ask your questions which I willingly would answer. But on one condition. My answers would be long and cruel, it would take more time than you think it would. But I assure you that all of your questions will be answered. All I ask is your full cooperation and patience. It may be boring but I will make it short as much as I can. If you no longer can bear it I am so sorry I may have to ask you to leave, because I only want people who have time to listen to a poor fellow’s story.

“For your first question, No!

“I did not commit murder or was involved in one. I have never seen anyone die and do not plan to. Neither did I steal anything nor was involved in one. I don’t have an interest in other people’s property except for a thing that I shall explain to you later if you could survive that long. But do not be excited because it is not what you would ever think it could be. I assure you I have not been involved in any of the crimes that most people would be accused of.

“For your second question, I do not know exactly!

“I am here for the same reason as you are here. To know what wrong I did to be sitting here alone and answering all your questions. Ten years back I would have cursed the God, who everyone says created men and them eventually creating me. Having to face such horrible phases of life that I never wanted to. But sitting in this chair looking at my own reflection on the mirror in front of me behind where you are hiding. I no longer complain about anything. Everything happens as it should be. I don’t control everyone’s life, I could control the steering wheel of my life but, eh, last time I checked humans were a social animal and many people have come across my life and I am very sorry to say that I cannot control them even if I could, I would never try. You don’t know how miserable life could be, you may think you know, but you don’t. Think about it honestly. You will know. I don’t intend to bring boredom into our interrogation by including life philosophy I take the time you gifted to me very carefully, so back to your question.

“As I told you before I used to be the same person as you are now, greedy, careless, rude, angry, full of hatred, a money leaded life. I am so sorry to say, that is what most of you are. But don’t worry it will change once you find out why you were created for. I found out, or so I believe. And eventually, it brought me right before you. Therefore I believe it was indeed the purpose of my life. For the answer to your second question I do not have a specific answer. Sorry.

“You may be thinking of leaving. It is starting to get bored. I know. To listen to one man speaking about himself, not even having a clue about what he is saying. It is the best way to get bored. But that is what I do for a living. What? If that is your reaction, you are right at where I want you to be. We are on the same path here. Listening to other people’s lives is the best way you could help others. I do that for my living, right now sitting here before you I have listened to almost one seventy people’s story. Real-life story. Not a bunch of lies served by people who call themselves writers. I literally listen to them, that is all, simple. You just have to place yourselves before them so they could talk to someone you don’t have to say a word. Just listen, that’s it. I don’t say it is the most divine of jobs a person could have, but I say it is the best one I could do. And I am pretty good at it. Still, there were some people who called me a psychopath. There was this one newspaper report that came to my attention. It referred to me as a psychopath who feeds on human emotions. It was a good title, but not a good one who finds a living the way I do. I find that you have several more questions now. I understand, do not worry I have all the time of my life to answer you. If you are willing I could narrate the whole story of my life to you, briefly, I promise. I value your time too. I need a commitment from you that you would listen patiently. If you are ready for that I say we can begin our interrogation. And you could tell me what was the crime I committed.
“So, shall we begin.”

Thank you for reading. Keep on enjoying life. Good day.

24 thoughts on “Endless Stories – Chapter 1

          1. Look ahead to reading your new posts. Just a suggestion: You can try reposting your older stories every now and then. Many of your new readers won’t have read them and you will save time if you are unable to write something new.

            Liked by 1 person

        1. I am fine, Ishaan. Thank you for asking.
          How are you?
          I know these are very difficult times everyone’s going through. Stay at home.
          What have you been upto in these lockdown days?


          1. I am doing well.
            I have been inside my home since a long time, waiting for the pandemic to end. I spend most of the time studying and reading books.
            I hope all is well there. If I am right, you are from Kerala? I hear the state is one of the worst hit by the disease.

            Liked by 1 person

                    1. Haha, thank you. You know, hope gives an expectation to everyone, an expectation of making things better. And sometimes, things don’t go the right way. Which could end up making things worse.

                      Liked by 1 person

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