His last note

He dropped his pen and looked around.

The room was empty as it always had been. He smiled to himself and rubbed his wrinkled chin. His eyes swelled up but no time to rub them off.

The sun had set and the wind had died. The room was empty as it always had been.

Only note he left on the lonely table read:

I was here.

This is why we live, right?

Just because we are tall

Does not mean everyone else is a dwarf.

Just because we are rich

Does not mean everyone else is poor.

Just because we have power

Does not mean everyone else is a slave.

So cherish the time you have in this world, those who have, help who doesn’t have.

To help others is why we all exist.

Keep on smiling and don’t let your money or power take away others happiness ☺️.

Have a great day.

The first anniversary of blogging life

Thank you, whoever is reading this, you are awesome and the best person ever.

I still can’t believe I am writing this post. Not this early. It has been a year since I have started this blog.

I remember the day I decided to start a blog. Actually, it was a December evening. Nobody asked me to start a blog or anything like that. I used to write stories before that but kept to myself. That’s when I thought of starting something where I could post my creation and it took some courage for me start it because my overthinking kept me from doing anything good.

Would my stories be good? Whether someone would read it? What if nobody does it? So many questions. But anyway I started it and posted a story right away. For god’s grace you people viewed the post and I got so many reviews from my friends and that was all I needed to complete a year in blogging.

And I could proudly say that day December 2nd 2018 was the last day I left overthinking stop me from doing something. You want to do something you do it right away. No waiting for the right moment.

This moment is the right and only one you will get.

From there it has been a great journey. Talking, discussing with people I have never met, who are real good at what they do. Reading others views on the world.

Thanks to everyone of my viewers for being there. Keep on doing the good work friends. I will continue to blog till last of my days.

I still can’t stop thanking you guys.

You people are awesome.

The little secret to happiness

Is there something like that? Surely getting what you want and being with people you like may be happiness and is happiness. But is happiness a destination or a journey? I don’t know. For me doing what I like and spending time with my friends and my family is happiness. I don’t think making money or spending them are happiness, they may bring short term happiness. I can’t stare at my new iphone and be happy all the time because I own the latest iPhone. Material things are short term happiness. You are happy when you get it but what next? However, there must be sadness too, if there’s no sadness what value does happiness make.

If only happiness was the default state of human beings, how the world would have been yesterday, today and tomorrow. I wouldn’t even had to write a post titled “little secret to happiness”, would I? Well there are no specific secret to happiness. I could tell you thousand things that could bring happiness to me, but you are different and you are unique. Your happiness is your own. Try to enjoy it and share it with others.

What are the things that make you happy?