A.D.L’s Diary – A Story.

silhouette of grass under white sky
Photo by João Jesus on Pexels.com

It was at midnight I surrendered to my friends who were forcing me to go with them to the Riverdown valley. After denying the previous six requests from them to visit the valley I, with half my soul still pulling me back to my study table, have decided to go out with them. Just for one night. I was always fascinated by the mother nature, sometimes of its beauty and sometimes of it hidden horrors that could swallow up an entire generation. The Riverdown valley was one such place I was intrigued about. That place was my “not to visit” categorised destination. A ghastly place, always quiet.  A place that was ignored by the vast number of civilised men who never would put a price on such land for a hundred years to come. But what made my friends attract to that lonely area was a big mystery that I never got the privilege to be answered. Such was my friends, while I understood the world from books and maps, they explored the world with their senses.

The journey to the Riverdown valley was a wish that I never asked for, mostly it wasn’t the destination that stopped me, it was the way of getting there. Sailing through the roughest rivers with no specific destination. Not only was the Snowflake river known for its size, but it was also famous for its strong current that could even take down a small yacht if not carefully mastered. The night was windy, cold and moonless. The winter was on the verge and I could smell it from the small boat I was in. One of my friend out of my four companions captained the boat while others kept a lookout. All I did was crouch at the backend of the boat and wait till I got home. After all, this was not my adventure I was just a boy out in the dark.

That was the day I found out my friend’s true courage and love to explore the world. The boat was tied on to the southern banks of the river. My captain didn’t cross the river, not because of a lack of trying. He was happy where he got. A desolate open land that showed no mercy to a person like me.  From the look of that place, I was sure no man has set foot on that land for the past decade, but I soon found out that I was wrong.

While my friends set up a camp upon the safest and warmest place they could find. I went back to the boat, just to make sure nothing was going to steal our boat, it was the only way we could get back, or that I know of. I switched on the torchlight on my mobile phone and took a nice look around. The darkness was growing around me. The only people I could reach out was my friends who were building the tents, and setting the fire. The closest settlement I knew was ten kilometres away. The only one I could ask to keep us safe was to my dear God who was up in the skies looking down to me. I closed my eyes and made a quick prayer. To show myself that nothing was wrong, I washed my hands in the Snowflake river. The water was colder than I have expected, the kind of cold that stabs you like a sharpened knife. I almost pulled back my hand but that was when I found something jammed under the boat. Our boat was pulled into the banks a little bit, and the thing was under the tip of the boat.

It took great effort for me to slightly move the boat, good enough to pull out the thing underneath. My friends thought I was crazy and was trying to sink the boat. A couple of them came to me, to check that I was sane enough. Slowly as they departed I took out the thing from under the boat. It looked like a leather book. It was heavy, hardbound. In the front cover, it was written in golden letters.

A.D.L’s Diary.”

That was someone’s diary. Then there was a train of thoughts going through me. Who came here to lose his diary down here? Why did he lose his diary? Where did he go? Is this a diary of some evil person? All the answers to my question lay in the diary. After a long battle with myself, I opened it only to see a map of the Riverdown valley and the forest that laid to the Northern banks and dark red paint at the end of the page that I soon found out was cold, dark blood. My heart was pounding faster than ever, I never liked to see blood, that was one reason I prefer to become an accountant rather than a doctor or a soldier who was likely to encounter blood in their career.

It took some time for me to convince myself that it was not blood, and just water that was mistaken for blood under my torchlight, even though it was not water. Then I turned the page and things were scribbled on the pages, mostly numbers and letters which made no clear sense to my brain. As I went on from page to page, I got into the real diary entries which could maybe answer my questions which have now doubled and desperately needed to be answered.

17th November 2004.

     The team of six led by R.V. have reached the destined location. The travel was harsh, the current was strong, our boat had swayed all the way and got hit at the North end. Very lucky were we to get to the Northern banks before the boat sank into the depths of the Snowflake river. Guess we have to find another way out when we are done. 

I was completely immersed from the first entry, something was mystifyingly horrific about that diary, that I hardly kept a notice on what was happening at the camp. I sat by the boat and continued reading.

18th November 2004

     We went into the Northern forest to investigate the radioactivity that was recorded five days back. Three members of my team are staying at the camp, one of them was severely wounded from yesterday. The further we went, the forest got denser and darker. Flashlights threw some light into the darkness. Our captain ordered us to keep watch for wolves and get the gun at ready if something jumps out. For me and my team’s fortune, no such wolves or other animals came out except for a group of wild rabbits which we had for dinner. I am really tired, had my prayers, looking towards tomorrow, need some shut-eye

20th November 2004

     Forgot yesterday’s entry, was completely drunk. Not going to repeat that because my head is aching still from yesterdays joy. Didn’t find any radioactive places or signals as told before. The winter is near, need to get back before December.

22nd November 2004

     I.D.L died yesterday after the injury from the boat wreck, buried his body near the banks. I really need to get out. R.V. contacted the main base and had requested for an evacuation. 

23rd November 2004

     There was immense heat near the camp, the whole forest was boiling, we went out to check, it was no forest fire, R.V and T.T.H are ailing of the heat. Do not know what is causing it. Was really cold yesterday night. Radio and other communications have gone out. The evacuation must be done really fast. 

25th November 2004

     The temperature has gone up. I did not get out of the camp, despite my warning, P.O.E and E.W.L went into the forest to find out the cause of heat. I was left to look after the ill. No sign of both of them. The area is just boiling. Hoping for the evacuation team to come by tomorrow. 

That was when I understood I was sitting right across the river where this A.D.L and his team camped, it has been fourteen years since the diary was written. The diary was pulling me back but my friends were shouting at me to join them for dinner. I told them “I would be there in a minute” and continued on my adventure. There were a few blank pages after the last entry, did he really omit those pages or was it unintentional? The next few pages had dark red paints over it, which I knew was cold blood but pretend to be just water in the darkness. After a few more pages of red blood, found another entry.

11th December 2004

     Rescue team never came, P.O.E and E.W.L didn’t come back. R.V died and I had to bury her. T.T.H was getting weaker every hour and I too was feeling the same. I vomited a lot of blood yesterday. The food rations getting lower. Need some help.

15th December 2004

     T.T.H died the day before yesterday. Heard a lot of dreadful screams from the forest. Ghostly shadows tend to surround me. I am going to venture out into the forest tomorrow morning. Need some help. 

I found out that the diary was almost over, a few more pages of his miserable survival journal was left. There was an odd feeling in reading another man’s dying words and to know that the men died right across where I was sitting. I went back to the remaining pages hoping that he survived.

17th December 2004

     Went into the forest, it was snowing very badly. The sudden change in the weather is making me weaker and weaker. Saw bodies of P.O.E and E.W.L ripped into pieces. Must have been wild animals. Rescue team never came. 

18th December 2004

      Went into the forest again and found out things that I know nothing of. Found another Sun inside the forest. It was white and glowing lit up the whole forest. And oddly the Sun that I know up in the sky was missing today. Did the Sun land up on the forest? Need to escape this place.

20th December 2004

     I don’t have pages left. And any more life. No Sun up in the sky. Temperature is at the highest. There is bright light from the forest. Lost a lot of blood. This will be my last entry. My dear friend, whoever is reading this, do not come back to this godforsaken place. I’ve seen shadows that are not mine around me, they are from the forest, from the Sun. They will take me. DO NOT COME BACK.


The diary ended, the last entries could be hardly read. The handwriting was so shabby and untidy. My friends came in inquiring about me acting so weird. I showed them the diary and made them read it. They made me believe it was just a fiction of a mad writer who didn’t have a job for a living. So did I try to convince myself of the same excuse, but it didn’t help much. I went on to have my dinner with them. Every time I looked around I knew that we weren’t alone. There were distant shadows that didn’t belong to me or my friends on that moonless night.

I compelled my friends to not to stay for the night but hardly did I know that time was almost past 2’o’clock. So I had no choice but to spend the rest of the wretched night at that dismal land. Every time I closed my eyes I could see a skinny wrinkled man who was pale white of the cold, begging for someone to save him. A miserable creature who didn’t want to die in such a horrible place. Somehow I made it to the morning.

For my surprise and deep hauntings, I found out that it was pitch dark, even when my watch and the mobile phone said it was 8:00 am. I saw no Sun nor did I see any stars up in the sky. My friends shared the same mystery that I did. We packed quickly and made our way out. The boat was made ready for our journey back. I got my place at the backend of the boat. All the way back I gazed at the Northern banks, I was sure I was able to see light rising from the forest. Then I made sure that whatever evil was in work, I wasn’t going to bring it back with me. I placed the book where I found it. And made myself think it was all a bad dream.

Many questions remained with me, why there was no Sun? as my friend told me, It was winter, the sun comes up slower than usual. How did the man see the Sun up in the sky inside the forest? Probably he was hallucinating. Who was this A.D.L and why did he and his team come at first place? Why did no rescue come? Did A.D.L survive? and how did a diary that was in the Northern bank end up at the Southern bank? Both banks had a gap of more than 100 meters, no way could the weak man throw off such distance. Was A.D.L. really a human being or just an imagination of a mad writer? Anyway, I made no queries of that event anymore, I have completely forgotten it.

The reason I write this is, the Sun didn’t come up today. It is a mid-summer afternoon, no Sun has come out and it is pitch black outside. The news channels are going crazy about the event. So was A.D.L true? Did he see the Sun inside the forest? I will never know and I am not going back.

Shadows Of Sector 12 – A Short Story



The thunderbolts pierced the dark night sky. The bright full moon hiding under the misty clouds. Raging storm shook the ground itself. Under the black clouds lay the Sector 11 of South River Railway track. A narrow and old track that had been there for over a century or two. Beside it stood an old lonely wooden cabin. It was as old as the tracks have been.

Inside the cabin, a man was asleep in his chair. His brown uniforms were cold and wet. Water dripping through his black hair and falling down into the wooden floor with a splash. The lightning and thunder couldn’t wake him, but suddenly he jolted up from his sleep when his telephone rang.

“Where are you, Idiot?” shouted a harsh voice from the other end as soon as he put the receiver on to his left ear. He was fully awake now.

“I was asleep,” He said to the other man. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked around. It was complete darkness, the only source of light was the lightning outside. When it flashed, it lit the whole room like a day.

“I don’t pay you to sleep there,” said the harsh voice who was possibly his boss. “There is trouble at the Sector 12, go and see what it is,” demanded the boss.

The man’s eyes widened. Fear went through his spine leaving him motionless.

“Haven’t you heard me, Ravi?” asked the boss again.

“Yes sir, but it’s not my area.” Ravi tried to slip away from the duty that his boss gave him. He knew it was of no use. Ravi had been a gatekeeper of the Sector 11 of South River Railways for 6 years but never had he crossed the borders to Sector 12. It held something terrible that no one could find out.

“I don’t care whose area it is, you are going to check that place out and report back to me. Understood?” The Boss ordered him. Ravi had no other option if he had to continue his job he would have to obey his Boss.

“I understand, sir” Ravi replied to the Boss in a low quiver voice. He slowly put the receiver back to the telephone and stretched his back on the chair.  The storm outside was strong and fierce. He closed his eyes to sync with the reality, find some courage and confidence. After a while, he opened his eyes. Darkness filled has filled it. He slowly stretched his hands on the table and found the torch and lit it.

The room was small and worn out. The roof was leaking here and there. There was nothing much in the room except a wooden table and chair. He took an overcoat that hung on his chair. It was wet and cold. Ravi wore it and opened the cabin door. Cold wind raced inside, the darkness seemed to spread everywhere. He walked out to find Manu sleeping outside covered in a woolen blanket that kept him warm and cozy.

Manu was more like an assistant to him. He was not employed by the Railways or by Ravi. On a cold unhappy night 5 years ago, when Ravi has just joined the Sector 11, he found Manu sleeping outside his cabin, cold and hungry. Ravi gave him food, a place to live. He was more like a protector for Ravi. Manu made Ravi feel that he was not alone here.

Ravi looked at Manu sleeping and called him.

“Wake up, Manu,”

Manu hearing his employer’s voice slowly woke up from his warm woolen blanket. He was about to ask some questions but Ravi sensed Manu’s doubts and answered him first.

“We’re going to check Sector 12. Boss called. He said there’s some trouble,” Ravi told Manu. He kept staring at Ravi.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be too long” Ravi comforted him. His hard manly voice gave Manu the courage to do the impossible. They both walked out into the tracks and went south to their cabin. The rain was stronger than before. The cold wind made them both very uncomfortable.

Ravi was not sure how long Manu had been around these Sectors but from the way he sleeps outside the cabin on such a cold night could say that he had been born in this place. Still, one thing that haunted Ravi was, if he was born or raised here why is he afraid of Sector 12.

Surely everyone was afraid of Sector 12. It was a railway gate where no man guarded it. Not because it was automatic, it was because no man who loved his life went there. The Sector 12 was covered by Dense forest where nobody inhabited. Ravi had heard of many stories of Sector 12. The rumor was that almost 7 gatekeepers had died there. They were killed by some unearthly creatures. Some said that it was the ghosts of people who suicided in the tracks. There were a lot of stories like these. Still, a job is a job. Ravi had to do it, whether he liked it or not.

They knew they were close to Sector 12 when they saw the forest around them got thicker and thicker. The darkness grew, their eyes could not see what was in front of them. Even the light from the torch was blocked by the darkness. Ravi was starting to feel the hidden fear inside him. What he feared he not know. Yet he feared something. He could feel that many a thing was watching him from the darkness. The cold black eyes were able to make Manu think about to take another step further. But he saw Ravi walk right to the Sector 12 and he followed his employer.

Now they were inside the borders of Sector 12. Both of them made no noise. Their steps were stealthy. They didn’t want to wake what dwelt there. From the light from the torch Ravi could see a small cabin, the same as his, in a distance. The only difference was that it missed a wall on one side. It was broken down into pieces. Still, the cabin stood upright. They didn’t go for the cabin, they just kept walking further on the tracks.

Then they saw it. The trouble they were sent to check out. A huge tree fell over the tracks. It was black, thick as five men and taller than a usual tree grew. Ravi sighed.

“It’s not our kind of problem, Manu. Let’s  go back and report the Boss.” Ravi told Manu. He was delighted that there was nothing they could do. Both of them had no tools even if they had them. It was of no use. Manu’s eyes glittered. The feel of exhilaration ran on his body. He smiled at Ravi but that smile faded away when he heard a noise from their right.  It came from the vast spread darkness. They were not sure where it came from, the forest or the cabin. But it almost resembled a sound of a tree falling down.

“It must be the storm,” said Ravi trying to comfort himself and his partner. “Let’s get out of here.” They walked faster now, back to their area. Manu led the way who wanted to go back to safety.

“WATCH OUT!!” shouted Ravi when he saw a tree, the same as the one that lied on the track, black and thick, fell just before Manu. Both of them stood petrified. They knew they were trapped. Manu slowly walked towards Ravi looking around him. Ravi kept glancing at all sides. Nothing could be seen anywhere. He knew they were being watched and there was no escape.

Suddenly Ravi saw something ran through the woods. It was dark, he was not sure. But he clearly heard the sound of the feet. undoubtedly it was not the rain. Ravi was thirty-three, he could easily pick out the sound of footstep and rain. He sensed that Manu was standing really close to him, he was cold and shivering. Ravi put his hands over his shoulders.

“Don’t worry we’re going to get out of here,” Said Ravi and started to walk forward but not so long before he sensed another figure pass over their back. He stood frozen and turned back instantly. Ravi was startled to see something impossible. The tree they saw that was lying on the tracks has now disappeared. He stared at the scene just to find out if he was looking in the right direction. Yes, he was. There was a tree before but now there was not even a sign of a tree. But Manu wasn’t looking at the disappeared tree, he was staring at something else. A bolt of sudden lightning lit all the area. Manu gave a cry and ran further into the Sector 12.

“Stop!” Ravi shouted but only in a lower voice. Manu did not at all hear him. He kept running until another lightning lit the Sector. Ravi ran after him and had almost reached Manu when he ran to the sideways, away from the track. There was no other way for Ravi but to follow Manu, maybe he knew a path to get out of this godforsaken place. Ravi could hear a lot of noises from behind, he could feel a bunch of things following him. They were near only a hand’s distance. Both of them was running through an unpenetrable forest. Suddenly Manu climbed onto a huge tree. He was so skilled in climbing than he looked to be.

Ravi stood under the tree looking at the pace Manu was climbing. He didn’t know how to climb but there were those creature-things on his back, there were no other choices. It took some effort to climb such a huge tree. They both reached almost the top. The wind began to blow even stronger than before, trying to bring them down. Ravi now noticed those things that were following him, did that no more. He looked around. All he could see was an ocean of darkness. They sat there on a long, strong branch for a long time.

The wind slowed down, the storm passed. The bright full moon came out of hiding, now lighting all the place below its vision. Ravi could see where they were. They have run a long way from their cabin. They were in the heart of Sector 12. There’s no going back. He looked down, there was nothing. Things that followed him was nowhere to be seen. But he could see that there were movements in the woods. It must be the things that followed him.

Ravi just went through what just happened. He remembered looking back at his followers just before climbing onto the tree. They looked dark and inhuman, they neither had any shape or color. It was like, looking right back at his own shadows, only that there were hundreds of them. He knew that there can only be shadows if there is any light. And there was no light at all, the only source of light was his torch that he lost while he ran from them. Then whose shadows were those. Were they just shadows without a body, like the stories of ghosts that haunted the area? Do ghosts hunt in a pack? He thought to himself. But he was sure that they were no such thing as a ghost or a human, they were shadows of Darkness.

Time passed by, they were sitting on top of one of the highest trees. Ravi looked at Manu, who was now deep in his thoughts, there was neither fear nor worries in his eyes. It shined in the moonlight. Glittering like the stars in the night sky. Manu looked back at him.

Ravi was feeling terribly cold, his uniform was all wet, he started to feel that he was not getting enough air to breathe. The cold and heights were stopping him from breathing. His eyelids were now heavy, not able to open it. Manu could see that Ravi was slowly falling to his deep sleep, where he won’t wake up again.

They both heard a noise from below, it sounded like a grumbling of a beast, yet it sounded deadly. There were many now, but none could be seen. Ravi’s heart started to pound. He was terribly shivering from the cold. Manu looked at him with care, his eyes were now sad, filled with pain.

“We’re going to die, Manu,” Ravi said patting Manu’s head. His silky smooth hair made Ravi’s cold hands warm. “Don’t worry, it won’t be late.”

Ravi looked down now, to his fate. There were two choices either die of cold, at the hands of nature or die at the hands of the shadows. He could see there were many of the shadow creatures lurking around the tree they were on. Many appeared from the dark forest. It was scary, it was death.

Ravi slowly tried to climb down. Manu caught his hands and made him sit where he was before. His bright shining eyes now stared at Ravi’s.

“There’s no other way, Manu. I am sorry.” Said Ravi, tears flowing through his eyes. “I am sorry, I brought you here. It was my fault.”

Manu barked now. A voice that was high enough for everyone around the area to hear. Ravi looked at him. Manu barked again. He was trying to get the attention of the shadows below. He looked down and now to Ravi’s eyes. Ravi was confused about his actions.

Manu then eyed towards the Sector 11 in the distance and back to Ravi and again to Sector 11. Then he barked slowly and looked down to the shadows. Ravi didn’t understand him first. Then he knew what Manu was trying to say. He wanted Ravi to make a run for Sector 11 while he will divert the shadows from there.

“No! No!” Ravi patted, disagreeing with Manu. “I am not leaving you with the shadows. We’ll die together”

Manu looked at Ravi, his eyes were now joy and happiness. He barked again.

Ravi could not control his emotions. Manu, his dog, he found him outside his cabin. He never looked him as a dog or called him a dog. For him, Manu was his best friend who loved him, cared for him, who was always there for him. Manu saw Ravi as his God, who raised him and gave him food and shelter. Now it was time for him to return his favor.

Ravi patted his smooth shiny brown hair and looked at the blue collar he wore. Manu walked to Ravi and licked his face. Then stared right at his eyes. He was trying to say his goodbyes. Then he swiftly climbed down the tree. On halfway he turned back and barked at Ravi, signaling him to get ready. Then he flew down to the shadows and ran as fast as he could, to the deeper forest. Ravi could see many a thing following Manu from every direction. The moon shone more brightly, giving Ravi a good view of the place he was in. There was no one around. He slowly climbed down and reached the surface. Ravi looked at the way Manu ran, he thought of following him but he did not. Manu risked his life to save him and he did not want Manu to die for nothing.

Ravi ran back the way they came and reached the tracks and from there he ran to Sector 11. After some time he passed the borders of Sector 12. His cabin was in his view. Just before he could reach there he heard a loud cry, it was familiar. It was Manu’s.

“Manu!” he kneeled on the track and cried. Then he woke up and walked into the cabin. He dialed his boss and explained everything to him. Later a team of police came and searched the area but nothing was found. They found no tree that fell over the track nor any traces of the shadow creatures. Manu was not found.

Ravi resigned after the event and went on to work at a supermarket, where he was not alone. Days past a new man was assigned at Sector 11. He was a young man who dared to take the adventure and he was alone. On his first night at the cabin, he heard a banging at his door. He, with some fear,  opened the door and found someone he felt very pleased to see. A dog with smooth and shiny brown hair and wearing a blue collar. It stared at the new man. He welcomed it inside and gave him food and kept him with him.

Days passed and he stayed with the new man, guarding him against the shadows of darkness, just like he did to his predecessor in his old lonely wooden cabin on the Sector 11 of South River Railways.

The Postcard Stranger – A Short Story.



The evening was drawing near but they weren’t losing their hang of it. Marli with his friends was watching football in his home. His parents went to visit their relatives so his house became a fan park that day. The match was played by the local clubs and it was a final matchday. They could not afford to miss it. Marli’s football fever was intense, he used to play for their city club but he was ruled out for the tournament and they have reached the finals. So there in his home, he watched it with his friends, enjoying it. It was almost 6’o’clock when the match ended and Marli’s team won the match by a huge goal difference.

“Boy, that was a match,” Gono said to the group. Gono used to play for the college team but never made it to the Club. Marli was anyway happy for the result, even though he could not part with it.

“I forgot to ask, Raghu. Where were you last week? You didn’t come to play” asked Marli.

“Oh! I went to my grandfather’s place. It was fun and mysterious.” Said Raghu with great pride.

“Mysterious?” the whole group wondered at the same time. Raghu felt awkward hearing them say it together. But he smiled and said yes.

“What happened?” they asked again in the same voice.

This time Raghu told them everything his grandfather told him. His grandfather used to be in the police department. He was a fine officer and have received a gold medal for his valor.

“He told me about many of his investigations especially the case of the postcard serial killer”.

“Postcard?” asked Gono. “How can a postcard be a serial killer?”

“The postcard didn’t kill people. It was the name of the killer. He used to send people postcards before killing them. “

Marli was getting a little frightened. He was always afraid of thieves and killers. But was not ready to stop Raghu from completing the story.

“And the best part is he was never caught”. Raghu told with a big smile on his face.

“That would be enough” Marli stopped him. Everyone laughed. They knew Marli was afraid of all these things.

“Don’t worry, Marli. That was a long time ago. Even if he wasn’t caught, he’s probably dead by now” Gono tried to comfort Marli. But Raghu wasn’t ready to drop it. “but, you know, he may be dead. Still, his ghosts are lurking around.” Raghu laughed.

“Get out now” Marli became angry and kicked Raghu out of his house.

“Alright I will go, but be careful you are alone here.” Raghu kept tampering Marli’s thoughts. Marli searched for something to throw at Raghu, but by the time he got one Raghu and his other friends were nowhere to be seen.

“Idiots,” He told himself of his friends, smiling at his own fear. Marli slowly closed the door and locked it and went and lied on his bed with his cell phone in the hand. A little later he heard the doorbell or thought he heard one because he had his headphone on so he was not that sure. Anyway, he went to see if it was true, but no, there was nobody outside. Just his thoughts. But on the way back he saw a small yellow paper that resembled a sticky note. It was lying on the ground where they were watching football. He walked to it and picked it up. It said:


“what is this?” he thought to himself and turned it over and over. There was nothing else just the word hello. Marli knew it was Raghu’s play. He tore away the paper and went back to his bed but in front of his room, there was another card just the same paper he tore away. It said:


The joke was going way too far. He tore it and walked to the front door and opened it. For his surprise, the door was locked. He tried the keys, but it didn’t open. Pushing or smashing was noway applicable as the door was made of steel. He could only dream of opening it with a push. The night had arrived and darkness spread over the world. Marli went to switch on the light. The light didn’t work.

“What is wrong with all these things?” he asked out loud for he was frustrated with all the jokes. Marli walked towards his bed to pick up his phone and call his friends. This time, on the bed there was a postcard, that was yellow, old and dusty. It bears the words:

“Don’t go out

Was that a threat he didn’t know. He turned it over and a sudden fear groped his soul and was slicing him to pieces. There were blood stains on back. He dropped it and ran out forgetting his mobile phone. Marli knew there was someone inside his home. Was it a prank or not? he was mentally depressed. He was sweating far greater than when he used to play football. His head was feeling dizzy, his hands shivering.

“THUMP!!!!” His heart started to pound even faster when a large noise like a plate falling on to the ground and breaking was heard.

It was surely from the kitchen because there were no plates anywhere else. He hid behind the door and peeped over the sides to have a view of the kitchen if someone comes out. A slight view of the kitchen was available from the room where he was now standing.

“THWACK!!!” another sound from the kitchen was heard, this time like a bang on the door or window. He hid behind the door and stopped peeping out. To his right, something peculiar stood. It was small and yellow. In a second it slowly flew to him and lied before his feet. He didn’t want to look or pick it up. But he couldn’t control his urge. In a swift motion, he picked it up. A dark fear went down his throat when he read it.

“I am not where you are looking”

He ran out to the door and tried to open it. Marli didn’t want to die today, not like this. He really pushed the door out. Nothing would happen, he knew that. Still, it was worth a try.

There was no other option for him. To pick up the mobile phone was out of the question. There was no way he would go into his bedroom. He ran straight to upstairs. There was just one bedroom. That had stayed locked for many years now. Nobody in his house went there. Nobody liked it, that was the truth. Like it or not, it was the only option he had.

He pushed open the door with all his power and it opened with a little creak. As soon as he got in he closed the door and locked it and sat at the far corner of the room. There was nothing else in the room except some old scraps and newspapers, a window opposite the door. Marli sat there for a long time. He was thirsty, but he would not go down. Hours past, the darkness got stronger. There was no source of light in the room. But he needed to try his luck and walked towards the switch, for his delight the light was on and he had a better view of where he was. He slowly came back to the place where he sat. Near him laid a bundle of old newspapers. Marli slowly pulled out a paper on top. It was really old, almost a century old. On the front page, there was a news headline that made Marli go mad. It said:

“The postcard Killing counts 127 and more!”

It didn’t end there, from the inside fell a yellow postcard with two words written in blood.

“Got you!”

Marli’s eyes were staring on to the postcard, his hands were shivering, his shirt was fully wet of sweat. He could have died of fear but his attention was taken by a bang on the door. A loud thumping continued for a long time. Marli knew he was trying to break in. There was nothing he could do to escape. The only thing he could do was pray to God for everything he got in his life. After some time the thumping stopped. Marli rejoiced, there was no more sound or any letters. He sat there for some more time. He thought he must now go to the room and get his cell phone. He slowly walked to the door, but suddenly the lights went out. Marli threw himself back into the newspaper bundle. He expected a blow from the door. But through the window on his back, a red face with black tongue appeared with an ax in hand and said in a devilish voice.

” 128 “

Marli knew what he said, he would be the 128th victim. He screamed so loudly that he fell to the ground unconscious.

It was all black.

Marli slowly tried to open his eyes and saw his phone ring. He looked around not knowing where he was, then it came to him that it was his room, there was a pale sunlight. It was evening.

“Oh! a nightmare” he said himself. He was sweating, utterly thirsty. His heart was beating faster than he had ever known. For one second he went back to his dreams just to make sure it was a dream. He again heard the phone ring.

Marli stretched his hands to take the phone and answered it.

“Hello,” almost a whisper. There came a loud voice from the other side, it was probably shouting.

“Where were you, I have been calling you for an hour,” It was his mother.

He slowly looked at his phone. Yes, there were 19 missed calls.

“Sorry, I think I was just having a bad dream,” he told his mother everything he saw and heard. He heard a mouthful for roaming around with friends like Raghu, he always heard that. His mother never liked Raghu, she says “he is an evil person. Anyway now he knows there was evil around and met him in person in his dreams. He sighed.

That night he went to Gono’s house and went back home only when his mother and father got back.