The unquenchable thirst

He laid back, smiling, like he always does in his favourite bed. No more worries haunted him. Gently running his fingers through his leather jacket, he could smell the stiffness as it was new as it was made.

He laid back smiling, in his captains cabin. While his ship was sinking. His hunger to journey across the sea has been relieved. Now a new voyage begins, to a place no man has heard of before.

He was smiling.

Menacing ritual.

Another one have arrived,

What new did it bring.
Nothing, hardly my thoughts,
But to make me look old.

Past, nowhere in my sight.
right by my foot came future
And this moment in my hand,
No trace where I lost it.

Wish them again,like before,
With all success,they could get.
Only to know, my wish undone,
No one did the same to me.