The best word.


Keeping yours at top

Knowing there are others.

Wrongful ending.

It has come to an end,
Inexplicable one for sure.
Have I not ever loved it before?
I may have, for time has gone to remember it.

The very moment has arrived,
Not a pleasant one I suppose,
But a time that nothing could replace.
Should I apologize or appreciate it?

The ending has started,
Or is it over.
But it is happening.
For time has gone to remember it.

Convincingly majestic.

I met a king once,

He looked majestic,

As told in tales.

He neither had a throne,

Nor a crown.

Yet he was the King,

You wish you’ve seen.

Bold and beautiful,

Fearsome yet caring.

Now I see him everyday.

All I have to do,

Is to look in the mirror.

There he stands,

The king that was born to rule.

Promise unkept

A word i used,
Longer than i remember,
A day that was happiness,
A future that was prosperous.

These days,
I learned a new word.
A small word.
Yet powerful.
Everything today.
Because I can’t promise tomorrow.

I have started my Instagram account today, a little late, care to take a look?


Mindful Expression.

When asked the name,
Choosing not to say it,
Questioning those abusing it,
Spelling it the way you want it.

Choosing where to stay,
When others pick for you,
Living by,
The life you earned, Not given.

Speaking out loud,
For those and against,
Choosing the sides,
Not by the majority.

To live your lives,
To be your own,
To have your own,
To earn your own,
Treasure it with life.